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About Us


The path to a collegiate scholarship and beyond has two main requirements; Talent and Exposure (Visibility); both are a must for collegiate sports scholarship opportunities. will bring these two together, unlike any other platform before. By providing 1-on-1 professional training and performance reviews along with extensive visibility to collegiate/professional scouts through our rating portal, will set itself apart from all other sports training platforms and carve a niche for itself. Our ultimate goal is giving athletes the training and exposure they deserve!

What We Are Trying to Fix


Professional coaching is often expensive and inaccessible, which is why many young athletes end up training under less proficient, amateur coaches.

Lack of assessments and performance feedback (from qualified coaches) hampers player's progress. 

Inability to accurately see where youth athlestes stand amongst their peers.

Lack of opportunity for athletes to present themselves in front of collegiate/professional stouts.

Many talented athletes from smaller schools or remote towns miss out on many worthy collegiate scholarship opportunities due to their location and inability to afford travel sports.

Our Solution

skillmasterslogo_edited.png will offer affordable subscriptions for athletes ages 6+ looking to be nurtured to their highest athletic potential.

Our app will offer training content to bring youth athletes to a collegiate scholarship level of performance & improve their skills.

It enable coaches to see player progress compared to the team & to provide ratings & detailed feedback performance videos.

Options for players to track records within the app and simplified charts to show how they compare to their competition.

Family management feature for parents who want to manage, and track their children's progress.

Rate and filter athletes for collegiate and professional scouts so they are able to quickly asses athletes qualified for their level.

Mission & Vision


Our mission help young athletes improve their game and visibility with the best-in-class professional training and opportunities irrespective of their location and financial state. To help sports recruiters discover sporting talent and thus improve the quality of collegiate sports.



Our vision is to provide mutually benfical ecosystem for pre-collegiate student-athletes and collegiate sports scouts to connect and idscover new opportunities.To provide professional-grade online training content for young aspriing athletes. equipped with performance grafing & feedback,family management features,and online training equipment store.

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Free skill development (Skill maps)

Task progress and personal records.

Parents will also be able to add and track.

Offer training equipment.

Basic Model

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Elite Model
(recommended for ages 6-14)

Everything in Basic

1-on-1 coaching and performance feedback.

Peer analytics for athletes to receive detailed feedback on their level and skill basis.

Simplified charts for players showing how they compare to their competition.

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Premier Model
(recommended for ages 14+)

Everything in Elite

Recruiting rating and player analysis given by certified professional.

Players will be listed on the recruitment portal and seen by scouts looking fi players at their rating level.

Access to private recruiting camps hosted by

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